Cinematic is the word most often used to describe Minneapolis based Marah in the Mainsail. The sound is dark and mysterious at it’s core. With layers upon layers of dynamic turns, from the hopeful highs of “Fox hole” to the guttural darkness of “the Great Beyond’. Between Durry’s true grit voice, and Mercedes tender subtlety, you’ll find a vast array of narrative and stylistic possibilities. With imposing and wild jungle drums, soaring brass horns, growling bass, and shimmering spaghetti western guitars, all blanketed under a sinister vintage organ. This band has all of the tools it needs to paint an epic picture, "We set out to create something new. Something outside the industry standard. Something hard to define, but easy understand. We strive to bring the in depth experience of the cinema and literature to the modern music scene. Please join us in this grand experiment of the arts."

Since debuting their full length album "Thaumatrope" in 2015, the band has gained considerable notoriety in the Midwest, and continues to grow their exceptionally loyal fanbase across the country. They later signed with Minneapolis local Last Triumph Records, and released Thaumatrope on 12” vinyl. Poised to launch into the rest of the US and beyond with their brand new album "Bone Crown", Marah in the Mainsail continues to stand out from the pack, and bring their unique blend of musical influences to the alternative music scene

Vocals/guitar - Austin Durry

Vocals/organ - Mariah Mercades

Alternative percussion - Austin Wilder

Trombone - John Baumgartner 

Drums - Kian Dziak


Marah in the Mainsail's live show has been described as a "visceral" experience, where as their albums are more cerebral in nature. Wave after wave of exploding energy on stage, all following the narrative of the music as it flows seamlessly from song to song. Every song is crafted and placed precisely where it belongs, with an aggressive, wild and mysterious stage presence, crowd interactions that break the boundaries of the stage, and innovative and eclectic instrumentation. MITM live is the only way to truly experience the full expression of the band.

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by Marah in the Mainsail

Listen now to songs from Bone Crown (2017) and Thaumatrope (2015)